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Digital Zine One: Own Your Shadow

This item is made available thru a trusty service Gumroad. In case the below embedded checkout doesn’t work smoothly (it happens sometimes, depending on your monitor/browser/device) please head directly to my profile on Gumroad:

– You will receive a download link in your mail box. ( This may take up to several minutes due to the aforementioned purchase stamp on the cover applied as you check out – thank you for your patience! )
– If there be revision(s) in the future, you will be notified with a download link for the revised file.
– PDF is viewable on any device.
The book is created to “make sense” viewed either on vertical or side scroll.
( Viewing examples – Firefox / on your computer: simply drag the file onto your browser, which opens a new tab with the images from the book. Click “>>”on upper right corner and choose your viewing mode. On iPhone: load it on “Book” application for side scroll and index mode. )
– *Photos are optimized for digital viewing at highest possible quality – kept within the reasonably downloadable file size.

To read more on this book, visit: POSTSCRIPT

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